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Get Him To Bring You Roses Again 5 Signs That He Is Straying

By Susan Willis

Has something in his energy shifted lately? Does your guy seem to be paying less attention to you? Do you have the feeling your man is cheating or at least thinking about it?

Suspicion in a serious relationship or a marriage can be a poisonous thing. What’s worse, most women who suspect their man may be having an affair feel stuck. They both do and do not want to find out the truth. And then there is the dilemma about how far to go to really find out what is going on. Rather than letting your suspicious eat you up inside, get on the ball now and put the question to rest either way.

Before you go hiring a detective or spying on him from the planter in his company’s lobby, try looking for the following signs from him that he may be cheating. Then, take action.


Sign #1: His sex drive is down: One common telltale sign your man is having an affair is if he suddenly stops paying attention to you sexually. Note: this does not apply to situations whereby your sex life together has been on a steady decline for a long period of time. What I am referring to is a sudden drop in attention or activity.

Sign #2: He is suddenly more creative sexually: Another telltale sign is if your man suddenly starts coming home wanting to try new things in bed. Maybe he is suggesting new positions or wants to introduce various items into the bedroom. Take note of this.

Sign #3: His sex drive is up: Paradoxically, a sudden increase in sex drive can also indicate an affair. If your guy suddenly just wants to do it more often, he could be getting his inspiration from another relationship.

Sign #4: He shows extreme interest in a new hobby: Has he recently decided he wants to start hunting, fishing, amateur sports car racing, or some other hobby that seems to have come out of the blue? This could be a sign that he is really spending his time doing something else.

Sign #5: He is coming home freshly showered: Do you find him coming home after a long day or late night smelling like his favorite soap – or worse, not his usual soap? If your man’s hygiene just went into overdrive for no apparent reason, he could be trying to cover his tracks.

Do any of these signs ring a bell for your current situation? Remember, you do not want to look for something that is not there, so be careful not to accuse him of anything until you have all of the facts. However, do not live with blinders on, since ultimately knowing the truth (whatever it may be) will be liberating for you both.

Either way, if you have read this far you may be someone who has some concerns about your relationship. Or, maybe you just want him to bring you roses again like he used to. My suggestion: first things first. You need to find out the truth about his faithfulness, using any legal and ethical means possible. Just remember to respect his personal privacy and that of others in the process.

Next – if your inquiry shows him to be squeaky clean in the faithfulness department, I suggest doing whatever you can to bring back the love and romance you once shared. A man who brings you roses is a man who adores you. You need to get him back to that place again. You are both worth it.

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