Need For Hazardous Materials Management For Handling Hazardous Materials}

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Need for Hazardous Materials Management for Handling Hazardous Materials


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Hazardous Materials Management has become very important for proper handling of Hazardous Materials. It is a well known fact that invention of various bio-products has really helps us in many ways. With the use of fertilizers and insecticides it has been possible to grow crops and plants even in unsuitable conditions. But increased use of such chemicals can cause harm to the environment. Besides these there are many other products which are dangerous to mankind. These products are called Hazardous Materials. There has been continuous increase in the use of these chemicals in the fields as well as factories all over the world. Therefore, there is a need for various Hazardous Materials Management programs to save the environment from such goods.

In the Hazardous Materials Management programs, various Hazardous Materials are classified into nine categories: radioactive, oxidizers, gases, explosives, corrosive, poison, liquid flammables and combustibles, solid flammables and combustibles, dangerous and miscellaneous. Apart from these, bio-waste is also considered as Hazardous Materials like blood waste, used needles, etc. Thus, every country has to handle such products and is also involved in transporting these items from one place to another. Therefore, it is necessary to take extra care while transporting these items because a slight mistake can lead to serious mishap and this is not possible without proper Hazardous Materials Management program.

Hazardous Materials Management

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program also includes assigning colors and numbers to the Hazardous Materials to help in their proper identification. Color codes and number codes are given to indicate the type and degree of their hazards. Colors indicate the types of hazards like blue color is for health hazards, red color is for flame hazards and white color is for special types of hazards. On the other hand numbers indicate the degree of hazards from 0 being lowest degree of hazard to 4 being the highest degree of hazard.

The Hazardous Materials Management organizes many seminars all over the world to create awareness about these Hazardous Materials and their safety measures. In these seminars various guidelines are given to the people who are involved in handling such materials like how to handle harmful materials, what garments to wear, safety measures regarding these materials. Hazardous Materials Management programs also conduct training sessions for the individuals dealing with Hazardous Materials

. There are three types of training: IMDG, IATA and 49 CFR. IMDG training is for those working for international ocean shipments; IATA training is for those working for international air shipments and 49 CFR training is for those working for domestic truck, rail, barge, ocean and air shipments.

Under Hazardous Materials Management programs they are also given information about packaging, marking and labeling along with other procedures which are involved in the shipping of Hazardous Materials. The officials are also given information on how to fill the IMO HAZMAT declaration so that they can help the shippers in doing so.

Thus, Hazardous Materials Management programs are really helpful for the shippers to handle these Hazardous Materials with all possible safety measures.

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