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Time Clocks That Are Finger Print Door Locks}

Time Clocks That Are Finger Print Door Locks


Rebecca-12305Do you struggle to remember the password to get into work in a morning? Time clocks also known as Bundy clocks are a convenient technology in the work place. It is a genius way of scanning, which allows workers access to the place of work while monitoring the time and attendance of each individual.rnrnHow does this system work I bet your wondering. It\’s easy, by the swipe of a card or touch of a finger on the scanner device, dependant on the type of model. No more forgotten passwords or cards to punch!! The software time and attendance program installed monitors the times of entrance and exit by way of a time recorder. rnrnWhat are time clock ribbons and time cards? rnA ribbon is used on the original style Bundy clocks to print the entry and exit time on a job card which is used to clock on by each employee. While the simplicity of these older models makes them popular, they have largely given way to a new breed which incorporates software programs to manage the time recorder functions and commands in an easily recognisable place, on the computer screen. It has to be compatible with the machine and many helpful versions are available, often with Payroll calculating modules.rnrnOf prime importance, is the security aspect of the system, after all you don\’t want any old Tom, Dick or Harry walking in? The system cannot be tricked; it eliminates the making of duplicate keys and cards. The person is identified in less than one second. If the system doesn\’t identify an individual it refuses access. There are further precautions, like if there is a power cut or surge, there is the option of a protector against interrupted power supplies; there is also place for a backup battery. Incase of a fire or other emergency the time clock/Bundy clock prints out the data. The data is transmitted from the time recorder and sent to the time and attendance software. The time clock/Bundy clock can still operate under 0-50 degrees c ( 32-122 Fahrenheit ) virtually in every environment.rnrnThe most common time clock/Bundy is the original time card machine, there is an advanced time clock called a Biometric time clock/Bundy clock, this is a new model that uses a person\’s biological attributes to identify them rather than using a card for example finger print scan, eye scan. You can see a wide range of the types of time clocks online. There is certainly no cheating involved with these systems. Some employees\’s maybe late, and try to sneak into work on someone else\’s card, well, this is impossible to do with the bio Bundy/time clock.rnrnHow to get startedrnAn access kit has everything you need to install a time clock, time clock recorder and time and attendance software, which enables time management. The different downloads and software mainly include: net access software program, access software program for security and access control, a time and attendance software program, payroll interface to payroll software transfers hours and work records to the payroll software. Package deals are always a good idea, saves money in this unstable economy at the moment.rnrnWhat are the benefits of the time clock systems?rnFirstly it is secure as secure gets, it reduces human error because you can accurately monitor an employee\’s time, whether it\’s weekly, daily or hourly reports. The reports are easy to understand and come about by way of the time recorder, time and attendance software. In turn you have a way of monitoring absences that can cost your company thousands a year. The time clocks/Bundy clock system provides immediate access to information you need. It self calculates holidays and annual leave schedules. This in turn reduces expenses because it normally takes 2-5 minutes to process every time sheet, this is simultaneous because of the time and attendance software.The Bundy system has an unlimited memory capacity. It encourages people to monitor their own time, promoting a nicer working atmosphere. It eliminates the cost of punch cards and uses either scanner cards or the persons own finger, clock on and it simultaneously opens the door. The time and attendance software is easy and quick to install, simple to understand. The clock/Bundy system can be linked to thousands of computers across a network.You can integrate your Time clock/Bundy clock to an existing alarm system. They can be used indoors and outdoors. Fast enrolment takes less than 2 seconds. Can be upgraded and extra bio time clocks added at any time. It scans whatever the weather, come rain or shine.rnrnWhat the time clocks/Bundy clocks look like is important too, because a huge device hanging off the wall/door frame looks unsightly. The best time clocks are streamlined and funky looking. Some models are approximately as big as a mouse, tiny considering the amount of information they retain. Recognition of an authorisation is indicated by an lTD light, which can be red, green or blue. Many time clocks/Bundy clocks have a speaker. The system can be easily adapted to different time zones. Heavy duty frames can be sought for work places where it would get excessively used. A record of a report is viewable, easy to understand. There is a support subscription, whereby if you have any questions or problems concerning time clocks, time recorder, time and attendance software, time clock ribbons etc the right people can be contacted by phone, e-mail. Another way to find information is by logging into a network to view other people\’s enquiries.rn

One day Rebecca forgot her password to get into work, she had to phone her work colleagues inside. Getting a hot tip from HR about


time clocks

her research lead her to a fingerprint

bundy clock

so that problem wouldn\’t happen again. Not only that, she could keep an eye on her working schedule!

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