Interview with Reggie Bibbs on his life with neurofibromatosis

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a genetic condition causing benign tumors (neurofibromas) to grow along certain types of nerves and, in addition, it can affect the development of bones or skin. There are several variants of the disease but type 1 and type 2 NF account for the vast majority of cases.

The disease manifestations can vary from very mild to severe. Major symptoms include growths on and under the skin; skin pigmentations called café au lait spots in type 1; acoustic nerve tumors and consequent hearing loss in type 2. Growths can affect nearly all parts of the body, and pressure on nearby structures can cause a wide variety of complications. There is a small risk that the tumors transform into malignant cancerous lesions.

NF is one of the most common single-gene human diseases; around 1 in 2,500-4,000 live births are affected by NF-1, whereas NF-2 occurs in about 1 in 50,000-120,000. Both type 1 and 2 are autosomal dominant conditions, meaning that only one copy of the mutated gene need be inherited to pass the disorder. A child of a parent with neurofibromatosis and an unaffected parent will have a 50% chance of inheriting the disorder. The gene responsible for NF-1 and possibly NF-2 is thought to function as a tumor suppressor gene.

In most cases of neurofibromatosis 1, patients can live normal and productive lives. In about 25-40% of patients there is an associated learning disability with or without ADHD. In some cases of neurofibromatosis 2, the damage to nearby vital structures, such as the cranial nerves and the brainstem, can be life-threatening. When tumors are causing pain or disfiguration, surgery is thus far the only proven beneficial treatment option.

Reggie Bibbs is a 43-year-old-man living in Houston, Texas. Mr Bibbs was born with a genetic disease called neurofibromatosis (NF), which causes him to develop tumors on his body (see infobox on the right). NF can be a subtle disease, but in Bibbs’ case it has left him with a disfigured face and deformed leg. But he is happy with the way he looks, and doesn’t want to change his appearance to please other people. He has launched a successful campaign entitled “Just Ask”, and that’s just what Wikinews did in a video-interview.

The interview was prepared by Wikinews reporter Michaël Laurent with the help of Bertalan Meskó (who has a popular genetics and web 2.0 blog). Their questions were sent to a close friend of Mr. Bibbs, Lou Congelio, who kindly conducted the interview.


  • 1 Infobox: What is neurofibromatosis?
  • 2 The interview
    • 2.1 On neurofibromatosis
    • 2.2 Growing up
    • 2.3 A head to toe body tour
    • 2.4 The daily life of Reggie Bibbs
    • 2.5 Raising awareness and his campaign
  • 3 Sources
  • 4 External links
This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.

From The Engine Lathe To The Cnc Turning Machine

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byAlma Abell

The Industrial Revolution saws the birth of lathes that no longer relied solely on the power of two men. The two-man lathe was to be replaced by a powerful, new lathe. This was the engine lathe. It was to take a shorter of period of time before the CNC turning machine was to make its way into the industrial tool kit and lexicon. Yet, even then, some styles of lathes are still referred to as an engine lathe.

The Engine Lathe

The engine lathe is horizontally shaped, simply designed machine. It is a tool designed to cut and shape metal. It is a metal-turning machine. Its name is debated as it has been applied to both the product of its turning – an engine – earlier would have been a steam engine, or a reference to the fact that unlike its predecessors, this lathe was powered by an engine. To the proponents of the latter, the opposite of an engine lathe was a foot lathe.

The early engine lathe was a product of the industrial revolution but it did not stand still and be a slave to the steam engine. During the late 19th century and into the mid 20th, the movement was towards running the lathe using electric motors. This was to facilitate the ability to shape items with greater speed and accuracy. Out of this experimentation was to rise other advancements.

Technology and machine tools always seem to work in tandem. The next great advancement was in the invention of CNC technology. It was grafted onto lathes with the result being the CNC turning machine. It was still a lathe since “turning” describes the work traditionally performed on a lathe. Yet, the capabilities and quality of production had shifted with the adaptation of this new technology.

Names For Lathes

Turning machine is one name given to what was once simply referred to as a lathe. There are others that have emerged in conjunction with technological changes or perceived sophistication of the trade and lathe. Among them are:

  • Turning Machines – Machines that can turn and drill with equal ease
  • Turning Centers – Increased sophisticated combinations and uses of the once simple lathe
  • CNC Turning Center A combination of a sophisticated lathe with an even more sophisticated computer system of running it. It produces a large amount of duplicate turned parts with both accuracy and speed.

Lathes have progressed from a simple engine lathe to a sophisticated CNC turning machine. Over the years, this popular and practical tool has made its way from the blacksmith shop to the busiest hive of industrial production without losing the basic fact that it is – no matter what the nomenclature – still a lathe.

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Seeds placed in Norwegian vault as agricultural ‘insurance policy’

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Svalbard Global Seed Vault, a vault containing millions of seeds from all over the world, saw its first deposits on Tuesday. Located 800 kilometers from the North Pole on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, the vault has been referred to by European Commission president José Manuel Barroso as a “frozen Garden of Eden“. It is intended to preserve crop supplies and secure biological diversity in the event of a worldwide disaster.

“The opening of the seed vault marks a historic turning point in safeguarding the world’s crop diversity,” said Cary Fowler, executive director of the Global Crop Diversity Trust which is in charge of collecting the seed samples. The Norwegian government, who owns the bank, built it at a cost of $9.1 million.

At the opening ceremony, 100 million seeds from 268,000 samples were placed inside the vault, where there is room for over 2 billion seeds. Each of the samples originated from a different farm or field, in order to best ensure biological diversity. These crop seeds included such staples as rice, potatoes, barley, lettuce, maize, sorghum, and wheat. No genetically modified crops were included. (Beyond politics they are generally sterile so of no use.)

It is very important for Africa to store seeds here because anything can happen to our national seed banks.

Constructed deep inside a mountain and protected by concrete walls, the “doomsday vault” is designed to withstand earthquakes, nuclear warfare, and floods resulting from global warming. Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg called it an “insurance policy” against such threats.

With air-conditioned temperatures of -18 degrees Celsius, experts say the seeds could last for an entire millennium. Some crops will be able to last longer, like sorghum, which the Global Crop Diversity Trust says can last almost 20 millenniums. Even if the refrigeration system fails, the vaults are expected to stay frozen for 200 years.

The Prime Minister said, “With climate change and other forces threatening the diversity of life that sustains our planet, Norway is proud to be playing a central role in creating a facility capable of protecting what are not just seeds, but the fundamental building blocks of human civilization.” Stoltenberg, along with Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wangari Maathai, made the first deposit of rice to the vault.

“It is very important for Africa to store seeds here because anything can happen to our national seed banks,” Maathai said. The vault will operate as a bank, allowing countries to use their deposited seeds free of charge. It will also serve as a backup to the thousands of other seed banks around the world.

“Crop diversity will soon prove to be our most potent and indispensable resource for addressing climate change, water and energy supply constraints and for meeting the food needs of a growing population,” Cary Fowler said.

Transport for London wins first Anti-Social Behaviour Order against graffiti vandal

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Billy Murrell, a persistent graffiti vandal from South East London, has become the first recipient of an Anti-Social Behaviour Order (Asbo) granted to Transport for London (TfL) by Greenwich Magistrates. The civil order also bans him from the top deck of buses throughout England and Wales for three years.

Murrell, a 17-year-old from Plumstead, has a history of convictions for criminal damage on public transport, including vandalising a Tube carriage in Brixton station and for damaging buses and other public property using marker pens.

This is Transport for London’s first Anti-Social Behaviour Order against a graffiti vandal — TfL was granted the power to apply for Asbos by the Home Secretary in September 2006.

The Anti-Social Behaviour Order was issued at Greenwich Magistrates Court on 12 September and also bans him from carrying any permanent marker pens or any glass cutting equipment on London Underground, railway property or any other transport provider’s property.

Metropolitan and Transport police have been made aware of Murrell’s Asbo, and have distributed his photo.

In detail, Murrell is prohibited from:

  • Entering any depot, siding or other part of London Underground property or railway property or any transport providers property which is not expressly open to the public whether on payment or otherwise throughout England and Wales
  • Carrying the following articles, in any area specified (above) or in any public place, namely any form of unset paint in any form of container, any form of permanent marker pen, any form of shoe dye or permanent ink in any form of container, any form of paint stripper in any form of container, any form of grinding stone, glass cutting equipment, glass etching solution or paste, throughout England and Wales
  • Aiding, abetting, counselling or encourage any person who was attempting or committing any form of unlawful damage towards any property not belonging to or under the direct authorised control of the defendant throughout England and Wales
  • Travelling on the top deck of the any public transport bus within England and Wales

If without reasonable excuse the defendant does anything which he is prohibited from doing by this order, he shall be liable to a detention and training order, which has a maximum term of 24 months – 12 months of which is custodial and 12 months in the community

Upon turning 18 he will be liable to imprisonment up to five years.

Should You Take Rental Car Insurance Tips And Know How

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Submitted by: Kimier Rikin

Looking to buy insurance or a driver to replace your current car insurance? Before you take ownership of a car or buying a new car drivers should have insurance in place. Know the different types of auto ins coverage before you actually get auto ins policy.

What is the reason for Auto Insurance?

Drivers Insurance will give you protection against financial losses that may occur if you have an error in a car accident, car theft, damage, etc. If you have an error in a car accident, then you will be liable for any damage that may occur. There are several types of drivers insurance coverage options that you can add to the policy and it is important to know what you need before you buy.

Drivers Insurance coverages:

Personal injuries / Liability Coverage:

If you are at fault in an accident, the bodily injury liability coverage protect you in case of injury or death of another party.

Medical Payments / No-Fault / damage Cons:

Medical Payments / No-Fault / Personal Injury drivers insurance coverage in the event of an accident regardless of fault, will cover the driver and passenger in the vehicle in an accident.

YouTube Preview Image

Comprehensive physical damage Cons:

In the case of vandalism to fire, flood, theft and other threats with comprehensive personal injury cover damage done to your car.

Collision Coverage:

Driver Insurance collision coverage will pay for the damage done to your car regardless of fault in the accident.

Property damage liability Coverage:

When you accidentally damage another person’s property (not necessarily car) and property damage liability coverage protects. This type of insurance coverage drivers will also be protected by legal defense.

Uninsured motorist Coverage:

Under the circumstances, it will cover your injuries in case of uninsured drivers or hit-and-run driver. It can also provide coverage if the driver is at fault is insured (the drivers insurance, but not enough to cover).

Additional types of coverage that may be offered:

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance

If you bought a car (maybe the time / age of car) breaks down or has some mechanical problems of mechanical breakdown insurance if your drivers added insurance policy will cover all the mechanical parts of the car.

Rental Reimbursement

If your vehicle in for service due to an accident rental reimbursement will cover the rental of your vehicle for a time while the car in for service.

Emergency Road Service

In addition to cheap car insurance policy that will provide you with roadside assistance, including emergency towing, lockout service car, gas, towing. These services all depend on the company and what they offer.

What is the best way to save on insurance for drivers?

To go to the auto insurance comparison site, where you can get a free auto insurance quotes fast.

Evan Povich representative Insurance Comparison Site. offers cheap insurance quotes from more than 100 of the best companies offering life insurance offers, offers car insurance, offers health insurance, homeowners insurance and offers Long term care insurance (LTC Quotes).

We strive to provide cheap insurance quotes online. To save money on your insurance is essential that consumers compare the price of the offer of any insurance that you intend to buy.

Individual auto ins agents have an interest in providing you with only one option: auto ins policy with their company. As an auto insurance comparison site Our mission is to provide you with more competitive and cheap supply of auto ins allows you to compare and decide for yourself which is the best option. This will not only save an enormous amount of time, but a serious amount of money.

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Wikinews Shorts: April 1, 2007

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A compilation of brief news reports for Sunday, April 1, 2007.


  • 1 Nepal: Former rebels join government; elections set for June
  • 2 Russia bans foreigners from retail sales jobs
  • 3 Google TiSP April fools joke
  • 4 Iranian students protest outside British embassy in Tehran

Five former Maoist rebels were sworn in as ministers as part of a peace pact designed to end a decade-long insurgency that has killed more than 13,000 people in Nepal. The new government has announced assembly elections for late June, 2007. Thereafter, the new assembly is due to write a new constitution for the Himalayan nation.

Related news

  • “Nepal civil war ended by peace deal” — Wikinews, November 21, 2006


Under a new law that went into effect today, non-Russians will not be allowed to work as salespeople in shops and markets. The ban was presented by Vladimir Putin as a way of improving employment prospects for Russian citizens. Russian media warns that it will increase the labor costs for retailers and drive up inflation. The Federal Migration Service, a government agency, reported nearly full compliance in Moscow.


Today, Sunday, Google “released” their Google TiSP service. This April Fool appears on their homepage as “New! Get FREE breakthrough broadband with Google TiSP (BETA).” This directs you to a page with details of Google’s TiSP package, a package that will give you broadband after you flush a fiber-optic cable down your toilet. Google issued a press release at midnight on April 1st, 2007.


External links

Between 100 and 200 students gathered outside the British embassy in Tehran to protest the alleged incursion into Iranian waters by the Royal Navy.The protesters threw rocks, chanted “Death to Britain” and called for the expulsion of the ambassador. Police prevented the protesters from entering the compound.


Wikinews Shorts: February 5, 2007

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A compilation of brief news reports for Monday, February 5, 2007.

People killed as three trains crash in Los Angeles

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ten people are dead and up to 200 injured after three trains crashed in Glendale, a suburb of Los Angeles.

Two passenger trains and a freight train carrying gravel collided at 6:05 a.m. local time during the morning rush hour. Both passenger trains were double-decker Metrolink trains, one northbound from Union Station, the other southbound. One train overturned, and the other caught fire.

The northbound train normally carries 30 to 50 passengers. The southbound train normally has 200 to 250 people on board.

Over 300 firefighters are attending the scene.

The chief of police of Glendale reported at a press conference that a man trying to commit suicide drove his car onto the train tracks, but apparently changed his mind and left the vehicle before the impact, leaving the vehicle on the tracks. The suspect was taken into custody by police officers who arrived at the scene of the accident and has, according to the police, already admitted driving the vehicle onto the tracks.

Canada’s Trinity—Spadina (Ward 20) city council candidates speak

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This exclusive interview features first-hand journalism by a Wikinews reporter. See the collaboration page for more details.

Friday, November 3, 2006

On November 13, Torontoians will be heading to the polls to vote for their ward’s councillor and for mayor. Among Toronto’s ridings is Trinity—Spadina (Ward 20). One candidate responded to Wikinews’ requests for an interview. This ward’s candidates include Desmond Cole, Helen Kennedy, Douglas Lowry, Chris Ouellette, Carmin Priolo, Devendra Sharma, Joseph Tuan, and Adam Vaughan.

For more information on the election, read Toronto municipal election, 2006.