80’s Dresses

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It is easy to know if the dress you are wearing is 80’s inspired because 80’s themed dresses display uniqueness in prints, styles, cuts, and shapes. The dresses are naturally loud, bold, and big with its array of colors that shows charisma and attitude.

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Dresses that compliment the shape well are those wrap around dresses with slouches. They fit snugly on the body, especially if there is a sewed in belt or even a detachable wide belt. The dresses boast of loud prints and bright colors. This style of clothing allows the figure to be expressed.

However, clothing shape and how it fits to the body is not really the determining factor of the style back in the 80’s. The style became much more important because of the idealism that was created as a result of the many icons that were very popular during that decade. Since a lot of people loved these 80’s dresses, its revival hasn’t stopped as it grew back in modern day fashion.

Prom dresses in the 80’s are usually worn today in costume parties. These dresses are in vibrant shades usually layered with tons of gold and silver sequins to add to the elegance of the dresses, giving it a bit of pizzazz. These dresses also come with shoulder pads, ruffles, and layers. Wear the 80’s signature electric blue eye shadow; it completes the look.

Dresses worn daily were designed with prints that will make your nose bleed because of nostalgia. The vintage style of polka dots and floral prints are so loud, you didn’t have to match it up with accessories. These dresses can be perfectly worn today as if 80’s was just yesterday. Pair it with a plain blazer and you’re good to go.

Off shoulder and one shoulder blouses are still sexy and will never go out of style. Back in the 80’s it looked terribly mesmerizing when worn with a big hairdo. But I’m afraid the same spell won’t work today anymore. So instead, be simple. The dress will do its own magic.

Whether you’re going for a walk in the park or a romantic date, with the right pairing of accessories with an 80’s dresses you’ll be defined as glamorous, charming and captivate everyone around you.

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Designer Jewellery For All Occasions

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Many different events and occasions call for different types of designer jewellery to be worn. If it is a formal occasion the type of designer jewellery you may choose to wear could be a beautiful pair of designer earrings that has been perfectly crafted out of precious metals like silver and gold. This piece of designer jewellery will be a stylish contemporary design that uses many stunning precious gemstones in the unique design like Rubies, Diamonds and Garnets. Depending on the type of dress that you are wearing you may want to wear a simple string of beads. This could be a string of luminous pearls, as this type of designer jewellery will never date and can look amazing with a classic black dress or something that is more colourful in design.

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If it is a friend’s wedding that you are going to then the piece of designer jewellery that you will want to be choosing will want to make a statement and like the dress that you choose will want to match so the piece of designer jewellery could be a matching set of designer bracelet and earrings or maybe you may decide that you want a designer jewellery set that consists of necklace and designer bracelet. There are many of these pieces of designer jewellery around and I am sure that you will be able to find just the right piece in the correct colour to match that special wedding dress.

It could be a very special date that you are going on and there for you want to create the right first impression. You do not want to make the wrong first impression so just one piece of designer jewellery will be enough. You can wear a pretty pair of designer earrings, maybe a plain stud designer earring that has a pearl in the centre. A piece of designer jewellery will make a lasting impression with people.

When it comes to investing in a piece of designer jewellery it is wise to find pieces that will fit all occasions that you may attend. If you choose your piece of designer jewellery wisely it can also become a good investment as well as something that you can love and treasure and enjoy wearing for many years to come.

It maybe a summer picnic that you are getting dressed up for and you want a piece of designer jewellery that is fun and will suit the beautiful fresh colours of the summer outfits. Lovely pairs of designer earrings that have been made from crystals and pearls that will move and catch the sun light. Or stunning designer bracelets and designer jewellery that has made from beautiful handmade glass beads and are available in every colour for you to think of. Long and short necklaces that have shells and pearls threaded onto silk thread to create beautiful pieces of designer jewellery that will compliment that colourful summer dress that you have just purchased for yourself.

Getting Auto Insurance Quotes by Sitting at Home

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There are a many concerns that people have about getting their car insurance quotes online. Getting your quotes online is very easy for you and you can save your money. Your time is also spared and you do not feel the inconvenience of going personally to different companies to get the quotes yourself. It makes you feel convenient and relaxed while comparing them online.

The primary concern most people have about these auto insurance quotes is whether their confidential information (which are written by them in the auto insurance providing sites) is safe or not. The answer is yes, of course.

These sites use encryption know-how to ensure that any other person does not have access to your crucial details. Moreover, they have privacy policies. This means that your details will not be uncovered to the third party without your permission. This is an unnecessary concern and one must not worry about it. So, do not feel unpleasant while disclosing your data in these sites and fill up their forms as they will benefit you only.

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Another anxiety a few people have is if their credit gain will be influenced by getting their car insurance quotes online or not. Of course, the answer to this question is no. Your credit score is not affected by it. One must know that these quotes are free of cost.

So, you do not have to worry about the prices. Moreover, here is no compulsion whether you have to get the insurance from a same company Instead, you can take quotes from different companies online, compare them, go through each detail and policy, see offers and discounts and then make your choice of the company from where you want to buy the insurance policy.

One must get as many quotes as possible and make a good comparison so that he or she can make significant savings in buying a car insurance. This is easiest using internet as one does not have to face agents of various companies and can make his or her independent choice. Also, many discounts are available online that can help you to get extra benefits of getting auto insurance online. For this, you need to understand some basics and then you can get what you desire at cheap rates and with ease. SoFree Reprint Articles, be wise and choose the right option of getting auto insurance quotes online.

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Latest Fashion Trends – What’s in Style for Women’s Clothing

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Clothes are one of the three basic necessities of life. But when we talk about necessities, what comes to our mind is definitely not anything extravagant, luxurious or classy. However, women’s clothing through the centuries consists of all these elements and more. They are not only considered garments to cover one’s body but as an expression of beauty, which not only signifies one woman from another but also one era from another.

Going back to old times, we have seen a huge variety emerging in women’s clothing. From Cleopatra’s majestic gowns to the royalty and the touch of elegance in English cocktail dresses and stockings, the hippie retro look followed by the relatively casual look that made dressing up even more comfortable. Earlier, there were corsets for even the not so toned-up women, but now, there exists so many different types of clothing in so many different types of styles to suit the needs of women around the globe; be it in terms of their age, body shape, comfort, or even the extent of conservativeness.

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One of the few major reasons that seemed to have brought such changes in women’s clothing has been the global impact of recession. Now, women seem to think twice to spend lavishly on clothes considering the price hikes of everything, including textile. Secondly, due to the fast paced life that has been developed over the years, women prefer comfortable easy-to-wear outfits. Their preference has made western and casual yet stylish clothing more common.

Thirdly, women have also become more health conscious now, due to which even sportswear in a wide range of styles is available. Fourthly, even as far as formal wear is concerned, nowadays women prefer clothes with comfortable cuts, clothes that are more sleek and stylish, with only a slight touch of the vintage instead of overly traditional dresses or extremely heavy gowns.

Another change that is witnessed is in the colors of women apparel. From the blacks, browns, light pinks, and whites being more common in the earlier eras. Now brighter colors came into view once the retro style emerged, such as orange, red, yellow, fuchsia, etc. Even today, a vast range of colors and color combinations are used, making women’s clothing appear more tender than ever before. Also, trends nowadays focus on day colors and night colors in terms of choosing one’s attire, with focus on the lighter, more subtle colors for the day time and the darker, bolder colors for the night.

Thus, women’s clothing seems not to be only a necessity now. They are tailored so as to enable each woman to express her individuality, and the possibilities to choose from are endless.

US Congress House panel OKs big cut in public broadcasting funds

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Saturday, June 11, 2005

A House subcommittee voted Thursday to sharply reduce the federal government’s financial spending for Fiscal Year ’06, including eliminating taxpayer funds that help produce such shows as Sesame Street and Arthur.

The spending cutbacks far exceeded even those requested by the White House. Among initiatives slated for reduction are $39 million for conversion to digital programming and $50 million for upgrading PBS’s aging satellite technology.

The subcommittee also acted to eliminate federal money for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, a body created by Congress to pass funds on to public broadcasters. The CPB would see a 25 percent reduction in next year’s budget, down from $400 million to $300 million, funds that currently account for 14.9% of all public broadcasting revenues[1].

Ideological concerns over publicly-financed content have recently become a point of contention for the Republican-controlled CPB. The day after the new budget was approved, CNN obtained an internal memo by NPR’s executive vice president Ken Stern that blamed the cuts on “recent public turbulence caused by CPB chairman Ken Tomlinson’s irresponsible attacks on public broadcasting.” Stern’s memo also told staffers the cut would not hurt NPR directly because it receives little direct support from the CPB. Instead, he emphasized, smaller local stations that rely upon federal dollars are most likely to be affected, which could in turn take a bite out of regular dues and fees, NPR’s largest revenue source.

Under the budget, the Ready to Learn program’s $23 million appropriation for children’s shows is rescinded in its entirety. John Lawson, president of the Association of Public Television Stations, said the cut was retribution for an episode of “Postcards From Buster” featuring a pair of lesbian parents from Vermont. A spokesman for the Appropriations Committee, John Scofield, denied the claim.

“Ready to Learn was one of more than 50 programs terminated in the spending bill,” he told the New York Times. “It might be a nice program to do, but not in a flat budget with large budget deficits. We felt the same way about 49 other programs.”

Overall, the cuts would signal the most dramatic cutback of public broadcasting since Congress created the CPB in 1967. The spending bill is expected to pass the Appropriations Committee and the House, but final legislation will be negotiated with the Senate.

Do Not Tip Toe Around This Home Improvement Tip

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By Tangopang

A good home improvement tip to give you is one you probably may not think of. Frequently, people are losing their investments due to fires. There are things you can do to protect your investment from burning to the ground, as this can be very disheartening.

Hot and dry weather can cause a dramatic change in fire dangers. Weeds and vegetation when lacking water, can turn into fuel for fires. One lightening bolt or carelessly tossed cigarette, or ember from a fire is all it takes to set a fire and destroy your whole neighborhood. Some houses are spared when they catch on fire, while others are totally burn to the ground. Did you ever wonder why is that so? It is because some homeowners may have taken additional steps to prevent total loss from fire disaster. This is a some good home improvement tip you should take note of.

What You Can Do To Prevent or Save Your Home from a Fire Disaster

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A good home improvement tip that is good for you is to remove anything natural that could lead to a fire breakout. Look around your home for any sources of fuel and try to get rid of them before disaster strikes. Trees and plants that tend to have a lot of dry leaves are very prone to starting dangerous fires. Keep your trees well pruned all the time and avoid planting them in clusters. Also try to remove any flammable vegetation that is within thirty feet of your house. If you want to be safe and smart, thin out the dry stuff to within one hundred feet of your structures.

You can also prune the branches of the trees if they are lower than six feet height. This will help to reduce a lot of chance of fire, and is a great home improvement tip to remember.

Another useful home improvement tip to note is not to stack wood next to your house. The wood should be at least thirty feet from the structure of the building. Try to avoid placing lumber piles and other construction materials near your place, and keep an eye on any butane or propane tanks. Keep these at least ten feet away from your home or dry material.

Another home improvement tip for you is to prepare your house for a fire. When you get materials for your roof or siding, try to get items that are fire-resistant. Purchase items like asphalt-fiberglass or masonry roofing and if you live in a fire prone area, this is a very important home improvement tip that you shoudl try to follow.

Make sure you have prepared your family for strategies to follow in the event of a fire disaster. If you follow these helpful home improvement tips, you will stand less of a chance of losing totally your future investment when a fire disaster strikes.

About the Author: Tangopang is a Home Improvement Consultant. Are you starting on new home improvement projects? Make sure to read the tips at Home Improvement Ideas and Review

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Criticism over Qingzang Railway as opening nears

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Friday, April 28, 2006

            Claimed by Tibetan exile groups.
Tibetan areas designated by PRC.
Tibet Autonomous Region (actual control).
Claimed by India as part of Aksai Chin.
Claimed by the PRC as part of TAR.
Other historically culturally-Tibetan areas.

The Qingzang Railway is a project by the Chinese Government to build a unique railway linking Tibet with Mainland China. The railway will include sections at high altitude, crossing 5000 metre high mountains, long tunnels and lots of track laid on permafrost. The railway is being hailed in China as “an engineering miracle”, but has attracted criticism from across the world over fears that the railway, the first to link it to outside the region, will increase Chinese control over the Tibetan autonomous region and will erode Tibetan culture and traditions.

Currently, Tibet can only be reached by air and by road. Departing from lower-altitude airports to fly into Tibet carries the risk of experiencing high altitude sickness, and the landing at Lhasa can be ‘hair-raising’. Travelling by road means several days on a bus or hitchhiking on trucks over windy mountain roads. When the Quingzang Railway opens, it is expected that direct trains will run from Beijing and other cities.

China has long received criticism over its treatment of Tibet. The Tibet Autonomous Region excludes many areas claimed to be part of ‘historic Tibet’, and the former government of Tibet, headed by the Dalai Lama, now live in exile in India. China claims that the railway will bring greater freedoms and economic opportunities to the people of Tibet. For an area that has long been in relative isolation though, the railway is bound to have a profound effect. Locals may worry about what would happen to their trade if they were suddenly forced to compete with businesses from Mainland China. Much of Tibet is also ancient, with old buildings and traditional practices, which may be under threat from the new physical link with China.

There are also concerns from environmentalists. The passage between Tibet and China contains some unique flora and endangered animal species, such as Tibetan antelope, which may be threatened by the railroad. Construction of the railway will generate 7,000 tons of rubbish from 20,000 builders. Some of this rubbish will have been buried on the spot whilst some forms of non-degradable rubbish which may pollute water is said to have been transported to Golmud or Lhasa for treatment. A bridge is also said to have been built at Wudaoliang Basin to enable animals to cross. Once open the railway will generate more waste, and whilst the carriages are said to be enclosed, preventing passengers from throwing out rubbish, it remains to be seen what additional impact the running of the railway will create.

As well as passengers, the railway will also have a strong use in transporting freight, currently carried on trucks. This will mean that more coal and petroleum-based products will be brought into Tibet. Whilst China claims that this will enable Tibetans to stop logging pine trees for fuel, aiding the local ecology, the railway will accelerate Tibet’s use of climate-damaging fossil fuels.

Some Canadian student groups had called for a boycott of the Bombardier Transportation group, who has a contract with China to provide some of the carriages.

Most of the line is now complete, ahead of schedule. Signaling equipment is currently being installed, with trials said to begin in July. The railway is scheduled to open fully in 2007. Luxury carriages will carry tourists, with sleeping compartments and oxygen tanks to enable breathing within the high-altitude areas.

News briefs:June 1, 2010

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President Bush delivers 2006 State of the Union Address

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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

United States President George W. Bush delivered his annual State of the Union Address on Tuesday.

Fernando Alonso wins 2006 Monaco Grand Prix

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Sunday, May 28, 2006

Fernando Alonso won the FIA Formula-1 Monaco Grand Prix for the first time in his career today.

During Saturday’s qualifying session, Michael Schumacher made a strange mistake in the La Rascasse corner, when he driver locked his car’s wheels, bringing the vehicle to a halt and finished the race causing the drivers behind him to lose time on their fast laps. After a long investigation the FIA’s stewards decided to cancel all his fast laps as a penalty for the unsporting behaviour displayed by him. Article 112 of the regulations, applied by FIA, prevents the F1 team Ferrari to appeal this decision. Thus, Schumacher and Felipe Massa, who crashed his car earlier in the qualification, were last on the starting grid. The Ferrari team decided to change the engine in both cars, because there was no more stringent penalty that could have been imposed on them. Michael started the race from the pit-lane.

Alonso was in the lead for the most of the race. Kimi Raikkonen and Mark Webber, who were the only serious competitors to Alonso for the first part of the race, lost their cars (due to engine failure) almost simultaneously, one by one. After that Alonso drove to victory with little opposition from the other drivers.

With a huge gap from the Spaniard, McLaren driver Juan-Pablo Montoya took second place.

The circuit was a great success for Red Bull team as David Coulthard came in at third place.

There was no traditional champaign douse after the race in memory of Édouard Michelin, one of the owner of Michelin company died a couple of days before the race.