Gas prices surge in Northeast US

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Friday, September 2, 2005

Gas prices have shot up to over $3.50 per gallon, late Thursday morning in the Northeast US. People are rushing to fill their tanks as some stations are reporting shortages of gasoline, and many oil wells were forced to shut down after Hurricane Katrina.

Meanwhile, gas prices dropped elsewhere and rose elsewhere. Saturday morning California had the highest reported price at Another price service reported $3.05 as the U.S. average.

The federal government’s weekly petroleum price summary reported U.S. average retail price for regular gasoline decreased by 0.2 cent to 261.0 cents per gallon. But supply shocks are likely as the distribution systems respond to bottlenecks. On Tuesday, August 30, CNN reported the price of U.S. crude oil rose to a record high $70.85 a barrel. However, prices fell $3.28 to $67.57 a barrel on Friday. In contrast, the crude oil in Europe, which is usually more expensive than US oil, was actually cheaper than in America; as London Brent Crude oil was down $1.15 to $66.57 a barrel. But as CNN reports, “European allies sprang to the rescue.”

Escape room fire kills five teen girls in Koszalin, Poland

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Saturday, January 5, 2019

A fire yesterday afternoon killed five girls, all aged fifteen, at an escape room the group was visiting to celebrate a birthday in Koszalin, North Poland. Following the fire, which also seriously injured a man, authorities are performing checks on all the nation’s escape rooms.

Escape rooms see participants locked into a space and given clues and a time limit to figure out how to free themselves. The enterprises have grown in popularity in recent years with reportedly over 1,000 in Poland which are especially patronised by teens.

President Andrzej Duda said the victims were “joyful girls starting out in life [who] have had life torn away from them” in an “appalling tragedy” while Interior Minister Joachim Brudzi?ski wrote he had ordered fire safety checks on escape rooms across Poland by the State Fire Brigade. He tweeted, “I want to express my sympathy and regrets to the families of the victims of the fire”. Duda also characterised the deaths as “crushing” and wrote “May God protect their parents and loved ones.”

Tomasz Kubiak, a fire service spokesman, told Agence France-Presse the male victim is in intensive care with “severe burns”. Police press officer Monika Kosiec stated police believe him to be aged 25. Kosiec revealed police have been unable to question him. State press agency PAP has reported being told off the record all five deaths were caused by carbon monoxide poisoning.

In addition to the inspections Brudzinski also ordered the installation of safety improvements at the facilities. Mayor of Koszalin Piotr Jedlinski has declared tomorrow a day of mourning.

Mold Remediation In Ct And Asbestos Abatement Can Be Accomplished By Highly Experienced Professionals

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byAlma Abell

Mold remediation is particularly important if black mold is present. This is dangerous to the health of the occupants and particularly so if anyone has serious breathing issues. Mold remediation requires very careful examination of the home by a technician from Mold remediation in CT who specializes in mold detection, remediation and mold removal.

Mold remediation in CT requires the specialist to look everywhere black mold can grow. Surprisingly, it can grow on the back of wall paper. Black mold can grow anywhere that is damp for a prolonged period and where there is standing water. Really damp conditions are ideal for black mold growth also.

Once the mold is found, the remediation specialists can begin their work which is essentially encapsulating the mold so the spores do not become airborne. Once the mold is well contained, it can safely be removed from the house. The area where the mold was growing should be treated by chemical recommended by Mold remediation in CT.

Asbestos is a far more serious problem for the homeowner. Federal NESHAP rules mandate that asbestos must be removed in a prescribed method for the building to be compliant. This can only be accomplished by a professional full asbestos removal company. The technicians must be trained and have the specialized knowledge and experience to ensure that you are provided with the following best practices:

* Encapsulation of the Asbestos

* Legal disposal of asbestos

* Site decontamination in compliance with regulations

* Asbestos abatement in demolition projects

* Efficient containment and abatement

The technicians at AA Asbestos Abatement LLC are licensed and certified by Federal and Connecticut regulations. They are fully aware of how to transport asbestos to a disposal site. The asbestos must be wet and sealed in heavy plastic bags for transport to an acceptable landfill. The disposal, storage and transport of asbestos waste at non-worksites is regulated by the Environment Protection Authority (EPA). Local councils can also promulgate regulations if they have the appropriate regulatory authority (ARA). Asbestos is extremely dangerous if it becomes airborne. Many tragic cases of this are now in litigation. If the above procedures are followed, then they are the best protection.

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Palestinians, Israelis clash in Jerusalem over construction at Temple Mount

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Friday, February 9, 2007

Violent clashes have broken out between Palestinians and Israeli police near the al-Aqsa Mosque and Temple Mount in Jerusalem, from controversy over Israeli construction near the site, which is holy to both Muslims and Jews.

The construction work reportedly is to repair a pedestrian bridge that leads to the Mugrabi Gate, the entrance to the mosque used by Palestinians, and runs over the Jewish Western Wall area of the complex. The earthen ramp bridge leads to a hilltop compound known as the Temple Mount to Jews and as the Noble Sanctuary to Muslims. The bridge collapsed in 2004 and was temporarily replaced with a wooden bridge which Israelis say is weakening and unsafe. Israel has controlled the contentious compound since the 1967 Mideast War,

The construction involves excavation work and digging at the site, which Palestinian leaders contend is part of an attempt to dig under the mosque to find evidence of the Jewish Second Temple and/or to deliberately weaken the foundation of the mosque. Muslims dispute that the Temple was located at the site. Some artifacts have been salvaged from the digging work.

Israeli forces locked down Palestinian neighborhoods of Jerusalem in anticipation of backlashes from the construction. The Old Jerusalem city limits were blockaded, allowing only Palestinians over 45 years old from entering and only on foot. Palestinians from the West Bank were completely barred. Opponents have declared the blockades and the construction work a deliberate act to prevent Muslims from accessing the holy site. The mass of protesters at the site have in turn blocked Jewish access to the Western Wall.

Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas declared the construction and blockade as “hostile measures” against Muslims. Palestinian chief justice Tayssir al-Tamimi declared a “day of anger” and called on Palestinians to defend the mosque.

Arab and Muslim countries including Jordan, Malaysia and Indonesia criticized Israel for the controversial work and urged it to halt construction. Israeli defense minister Amir Peretz also warned against starting construction. The leader of the Pakistan Muslim League urged Muslim countries to freeze diplomatic ties with Israel in protest of the work.

Around 150 Muslims were inside the mosque for morning prayers when the construction and blockade began. An Israeli Muslim journalist reported that the worshippers were unable to leave and received loud messages from Israeli loudspeakers.

The al-Aqsa mosque is the third holiest site in Islam, having once been the central point of prayer (qibla) for Muslims and allegedly the place where Muhammad ascended into heaven. Conventional Judaism believes it is also the historic site of the First and Second Temples, the holiest temple in Judaism, which is prophesised to be rebuilt ahead of the coming of the Messiah.

No deaths have been reported in the clashes, which simmered by evening.

Demonstrations also took place at mosques throughout the Muslim world, including Egypt and Jordan. Protests were expected later in the day in Nazareth.

The incident comes only a few days after rival Palestinian political factions, Hamas and Fatah, came to an agreement for a unity government aimed at restoring international support of Palestine and a return to Israeli negotiations.

Stairway Bunk Beds

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By Don VanPelt

Over the past few years, I’ve been asked many times about stairway bunk beds, or bunk beds that have stairs instead of a ladder to get to the top bunk. Having stairs instead of a ladder has one major advantage, safety. If you are worried about your kids actually climbing a ladder and whether or not they can handle it, especially when you can’t be with them every second, and believe me it only takes one second of not paying attention for a child to get hurt, then stairs is probably for you.

Having stairs lead to the top of the bunk is not only a crucial safety feature, but it can make going to bed on the top bunk fun, as if it weren’t fun enough, I guess what I meant was more fun. Remember how much fun it was for you as a kid when you got to sleep on the top bunk? It was almost a feeling of independence as a kid, freedom from the floor and the rest of the world.

Another great feature that stairs provide is the ability to have storage underneath these stairs. I’ve seen a few sets where drawers have been built to utilize this space nicely. In fact, it’s like having a dresser on the end of the bunk beds that will store all your clothes. Think of it, two beds and a dresser all built into one unit, now that’s extreme practicality.

YouTube Preview Image

Now that we’ve defined the benefits of having stairs lead to the top bed on your bunk beds, let’s discuss the downside. Can you think of any? Well, there is really only one drawback and if you can work around it, you will have no problems. Since the stairs are typically built on the end of the bunk beds, you will need more room to accommodate the bunk bed set, more room lengthwise that is, and this is where most bedroom floor plans fall short. You might be able to get the bed in against the longest wall and have it fit rather nicely, but then you find the drawer option that is going to house all your kids clothes doesn’t work. That is, there isn’t enough room to even open the drawers.

So as a good rule of thumb, make sure you know where you would like your new bed to fit in the room, take some measurements, find out the entire length of the bunk bed including the stairs, and then add twenty four inches on top of that if you expect to have drawers at the end. Remember, not only does the drawer have to open all the way up, but you have to be able to get in there at the same time.

One other thing to keep in mind when planning out space in the room for your bunk bed, remember that the stairs, and therefore, the drawers, will only be able to fit on one end. That is you won’t be able to reverse the stairs and put them at the other end of the bed.

Hopefully this article has given you a few tips about buying stairway bunk beds and some decisions that need to be made. Having a set of stairs instead of a ladder will give you much needed peace of mind, especially when it comes to kids.

About the Author: Don VanPelt is a writer for

Bunk Beds

Central who has published many articles about bunk beds. Read his comments and recommendations for the best places to buy


at Bunk Beds Central.


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New Jersey real estate investor charged with $2 million theft

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Friday, March 20, 2009

The owner of a New Jersey real estate investment firm has been charged with using $2 million of his company’s money for construction at his home and other projects not related to work.

Gary Klein, owner of the Asbury Park-based REI Group Inc., surrendered himself to police after a Monmouth County grand jury indicted him on one count of theft by deception charges.

The charges were the result of a three-year investigation into his practices. Klein, 45, of Colts Neck Township, faces up to 10 years in state prison if convicted. Klein was released Friday after posting $75,000 bail.

Klein attracted clients by telling them he would invest their money in projects that would result in returns of 12 and 85 percent. Prosecutors said the actions mirrored those of a Ponzi scheme.

Robert Weir, Klein’s attorney, said the operation was not a Ponzi scheme, but legitimate business investments that went bad as the economy declined. Weir also said Klein hired a receiver to try and return the investors’ money once the investments started to go sour.

“It’s a shame that a business that experienced a turn in the real estate market is now being treated as a criminal problem. That was not Mr. Klein’s intent,” Weir said to The Star-Ledger.

Weir said the investments were used for building rehabilitation projects in Asbury Park and the construction of Florida condominium complexes, but authorities said Klein used the money to repay earlier investors who were cashing out, as well to help build his own home.

Decide If You Want Beer Served For Your Wedding

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Decide if you want Beer Served for Your Wedding



Beer has been closely betrothed to the act of matrimony for centuries. Even the biggest beer festival in the world started out as a wedding celebration. In 1810, when Crown Prince Ludwig married Therese of Saxony-Hildburghausen, the citizens of Munich were invited to celebrate the occasion in fields on the outskirts of the city.

As well as beer, there was eating, horse racing and other jolly japes. The event was so successful, the party is repeated every year lasting 17 days and still to this day over two hundred years later, the Oktoberfest remains the biggest beer festival in the world. The festival attracts more than 7 million visitors drinking Bavarian beer annually.

For centuries, beer has been the choice of weddings and has helped to make the occasion grand. However beer was banned in from the wedding British Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton. Many British commoners think banning beer from the Royal Wedding is British heresy. The Royal Palace stated that it is inappropriate to serve beer in the Queen’s presence. It is the intention to give the British Royal wedding guests a sophisticated experience and so beer despite being Britain’s national drink was given the royal snub.

In America, beer drinking is commonplace at many weddings. A very formal affair may feature hard liquor but wine and beer are served in addition. Weddings in which the budget is very tight, especially many outdoor weddings may feature beer as the main drink, beer can provide substantial savings on alcohol costs. Other weddings may feature wine and beer, and offer just a couple of signature drinks to reduce the cost of the wedding. The signature drinks sometimes are hard liquor drinks maybe a whiskey, rum, and liqueur drink chosen to match the color scheme of the wedding, but a percentage of wedding reception revolves around the beer.

When selecting beer for your wedding, the green choice is to support the local economy and to promote the local brew. Beer basically falls into two categories, ale and lager beer, the type of beer created in the beer making process is dependent upon the type of yeast used in the brewery. Many local breweries and liquor stores can sell you kegs or bottles of beer for your wedding reception. They may sell you a half-barrel keg which contains 15.5 gallons of beer which serves 200 wedding guests with 10 ounce cups. A quarter-barrel keg contains 7.75 gallons of beer and serves about 100 wedding guests with 10 ounce cups.

The beer experts state that 60% of your wedding guests are beer drinkers, you can count on your beer drinkers to drink around 4 to 5 drinks, about one beer drink per hour. The most popular beers in the USA are Bud Light, Miller Light, Budweiser, and Coors Light. Most Americans have taken to like light beer, they are light in body and low bitter taste. These companies represent about 95% of beer sales in the United States. These popular brands can be purchased by the keg or by the can or bottle. Usually bottles are preferred at weddings over cans because cans leave a slight metallic taste.

There are 1500 microbreweries in the USA. A brewery is considered a microbrewery if they produce less than two million barrels of beer per year and are less than 10% ownership by one of the major breweries. Most of these breweries sell their beer in bottles. A keg is the more economical route to go when purchasing beer for your wedding that is assuming none is wasted.

Usually when you get a keg of beer, you need to rent or buy a beer tap kit to go along with it. You will need a beer tap, Co2 Canister ( 5 lb standard), hoses (usually a clear tube for beer and a copper tube for air), hose clamps, Co2 Regulator, possibly a beer tower and a faucet wrench (basically hooks into small holes around the collar and lets you unscrew and screw the faucet). The copper tube is used to recirculate a chilling fluid to help keep the tap cold.

You will want the keg in some type of refrigeration, either a special keg refrigerator, a regular refrigerator, a special refrigerator cut with a hole in top to place a keg, or for an outdoor wedding sometimes a bucket of ice or ice and cold water is used.

There is an art to filling up one’s glass with beer. The goal for the brewery is for the beer product to be in the same quality as when it leaves the brewery. For great draft beer, it must remain at a constant temperature of between 38-42 degrees Fahrenheit. If the keg gets too warm, it produces too much foam and creates a lot of waste. If the keg is too cold, there will be no foam and there will be too much beer poured into the glass.

A good bartender knows how to set and test the tap and knows the technique of pouring beer into a glass or stein. An inexperienced bartender can produce as much as 25-30% waste on a keg of beer at a busy wedding reception causing the owner’s profits to go down the drain. The important thing at a wedding is, for whoever is handling the beer tap, they have mastered the technique of tapping the beer keg. It is preferred to set the beer keg under the bar table protected from heat and out of view and is in a convenient location to change the keg when empty.

There is a new “quick-fill” system that is taking the nation by storm and is expected to be common place over the next few years. These improved beer taps fill the beer glasses from bottom to the top, utilizing a magnet on the bottom of the glass. These systems have appeared at a number of sports stadiums and deliver beer quickly to sports enthusiasts and generate more beer with less foam. Expect to see these beer taps at wedding receptions over the next several years.

Some wedding couples decide to have beer tasting at their wedding and is fun and a great ice breaker for wedding guests. Beer tasting gives you the pleasure of exposing friends, families, and acquaintances to the rewarding world of beer diversity. Most taste testings are recommended to be in the latter part of the wedding reception or works great at an outdoor wedding.

Many people may say “I am not a beer drinker, I don’t like the taste of beer”. Many of these non beer drinkers change their tune after attending a beer tasting. Many people find a really good tasting beer, and benefit tremendously from a beer tasting.

There are four type of beer tasting themes: horizontal, vertical, blind, and holiday. Horizontal tasting is selecting beers of different styles around the world and has distinct color, taste, and strength. After each person sample the beer you give them beer facts on the brand of brew, what brewery made the brew, from what country, the beer ingredients, and historical tidbits.

A vertical tasting compares beers from one style, region, or brewer. The goal is to help find the type of beer the guest likes the most. The blind tasting may have the most appeal, it is a little work to host and manage, the bottles need to be hidden you might pour all the beers into unmarked pitchers and then about four ounces poured into clear glasses marked from 1 to 8 or 10. The guests take a drink from each glass and write down their observations on the taste test.

You want 8 – 10 marked spots or marked glasses to begin the taste test for each guest. They taste and smell the beer and write down adjectives how their taste buds taste the beer. The glasses should be clear wide mouthed glasses, plastic cups, or shot glasses so you can smell the aroma, see the color, as well as the taste. A new taste test should be introduced about every five minutes. You don’t want the taste test to go rapidly or the guests will be too saturated with beer to do the taste test well. You want to have a glass of water and munchies such as crackers, mild cheese, pretzels, fresh fruits, pates, or trail mix in between tastings. You should need 2 12 ounce bottles of beer for every 8 people.

Holiday tasting are basically serving seasonal beer. The beer tasting is geared to holiday events such as Oktoberfest, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, May Day, or Independence Day.

There are many web sites that can help you collect information on beer. Research your beer at web sites like Another web site called can help you out with kegs and ordering keg equipment.

Have the wedding guests write down their thoughts after sampling each beer in the taste test. Some adjectives to use as a guide for a taste testing form are listed below.

Beer Taste Testing

Acetaldehyde – green apple, cidery or fresh pumpkin contamination from microorganisms

Acetic – aroma or flavor similar to vinegar usually contamination from microorganisms like Acetobacteria

Acidic – sharp sour flavor or aroma

Alcoholic – warming or hot and spicy flavor that can be prickly in your mouth high fermentation temperatures or excessive yeast in brewing

Astringent – drying, puckering, bitterness that is tannin like

Bacterial – moldy or musty

YouTube Preview Image

Banana – flavors and aroma somilar to the banana

Bitter – that sensation on the back of the tongue hops used in beer, malt used in beer, contamination from microorganisms, could be several different reasons that affect this component of flavor

Bland – beer taste with not much flavor

Burnt – having an overbrewed taste

Butterscotch – having a taste similar to butterscotch suckers

Chill Haze – no affect on flavor but makes the beer appear hazy proteins suspended in the beer

Clean – lacking in off and unpleasant flavors and aromas

Clove – herb like flavor of cloves unwanted yeast

Cloying – too sweet and or heavy without any balancing bitter or acidic qualities too much malt

Chocolaty – tastes like chocolate or cocoa mixed with water

Creamy – smooth mouth feel, soft and pleasant texture good carbonation

Crisp – acidic in a good way that is not over powering

Dank – moldy or fungus like

Diacetyl – butter, butterscotch, toffee flavors short fermentation, contamination from microorganisms

Dimethyl Sulfides (DMS) – cooked rancid vegetable flavor like broccoli or cabbage contamination from microorganisms

Dry – finish that is sharp and not sweet

Dull – not tasting any ingredients but may not tasting bad

Earthy – aromas similar to grass and soil, think farm like hops used in beer, usually related to hop aromas found in British beers

Estery – complex flavors ranging from fruity to spicy to flowery, these flavors are often linked to Belgian ales and wheat beers. caused by certain yeasts,high fermentation temperatures, fruit added to beer

Flat – stale, papery, or cardboard like flavors too much contact with air, high temperatures while the beer aged, old beer

Flowery – aroma like flowers hops used in the beer

Fruity – aromas like apples, pears, citrus, strawberries etc. caused by certain yeasts,high fermentation temperatures, fruit added to beer

Full-bodied – large and abundant flavors malt used in beer

Grainy – raw and grain flavor or cereal like malt used in beer

Grapefruit – just like grapefruit hops used in beer

Grassy – the flavor of chlorophyll, just like fresh cut grass, can be musty spoiled malt or hops, hops that were not dried correctly

Hazy – cloudy beer protein or yeast floating in suspension in the beer

Highly Carbonated – tastes similar to tonic water or carbonated soda

Honey – tastes similar to honey

Hoppy – is bitter from bittering hops including grassy, citrusy, earthy, tea like, etc.

Licorics – tastes something like licoric sticks

Malty – a full bodied sweet flavor to it

Medicinal – having one or many of these qualities: electrical fire, medicinal, plastic, listerine, band-aid, smoky, unwanted yeast or contamination from microorganisms

Metallic – aroma or flavor similar to licking a coin exposure to iron or aluminum or high iron in the brewing water

Musty – mildew and stale aroma

Nutty – flavors and aromas similar to various types of nuts

Oily – slick sensation on the tongue that feels like a coat on the mouth

Oxidized – flat, rotten, stale, papery, or cardboard like flavors too much contact with air or high aging temperatures, or old beer

Phenolic – having one or many of these qualities: electrical fire, medicinal, plastic, listerine, band-aid, smoky, unwanted yeast or contamination from microorganisms

Powdery – chalky or gritty in mouth feel

Roasty – has an aftertaste similar to coffee

Rose Like smell – flavor of roses from hops or as a product of some yeasts

Rotten – flat, rotten, stale, papery, or cardboard like flavors too much contact with air or high aging temperatures, or old beer

Salty – salt flavor on the sides of the tongue. use of too much salts during adjustment of the brewing water

Silky – smooth and soft texture on the palate often as a result of adjuncts such as oatmeal

Skunky – stale, skunk like flavor exposure to sunlight

Smoky – smoke taste in mouth feel

Solvent – like aroma like paint thinner, lacquer or acetone usually felt along the back of the mouth high fermentation temperatures,

Sour – acidic and/or vinegar like sensation on the sides of the tongue, can have several different characteristics, such as lemony, vinegar, or sharp contamination from microorganisms, intentional additional of lactobacillus as in lambics

Stale – flat, rotten, stale, papery, or cardboard like flavors too much contact with air or high aging temperatures, or old beer

Sting – sharp bite on the tongue carbonation, highly hopped beer

Sulphur – aroma of rotten eggs exposure to sunlight, contamination from microorganisms, random yeast infection, too much exposure to yeast

Sweet – sugary, noticed on the tip of the tongue a product of the malt ingredients, various adjuncts that are not fully fermented

Sweet Corn – has a sweet cornish taste and aroma

Syrupy – kind of a molasses texture and taste

Tangy – sharp impression on the sides of the tongue, not as intense as tart

Tart – intense acidic taste

Thin – watery or having little body

Toast – malt characteristic usually associated with dark ales and stouts

Toffeeish – has a hint tatse similar to toffee candy

Vegetal – flavors of cooked, canned or rotten vegetables such as cooked corn, cabbage or broccoli poor quality malt ingredients, contamination from microorganisms, or high or low levels of yeast

Vinous – an aroma or flavor suggestive of wine.

Winy – similar to wine with fruity aroma or flavor

Yeasty – yeast like flavor, think bread dough yeast still in suspension or beer sitting on sediment

Beer Color Test

Straw 2-3

Yellow 3-4

Gold 5-6

Amber 6-9

Deep amber/light copper 10-14

Copper 14-17

Deep copper/light brown 17-18

Brown 19-22

Dark Brown 22-30

Very Dark Brown 30-35

Black 30+

Black, opaque 40+

So if you want a Royal Wedding and be sophisticated remember to skip the beer. For an All American wedding you have got to include beer and if you decide on a keg of beer, make sure you have someone that knows how to tap and can pour the beer properly.

Author writes articles on weddings. Also provides brides contacts for wedding vendors in select cities.

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News briefs:August 27, 2006

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The time is 18:00 (UTC) on August 27th, 2006, and this is Audio Wikinews News Briefs.


  • 1 Headlines
    • 1.1 Many dead after jet crashes in Kentucky
    • 1.2 Canadian soldiers kill Afghan police officer
    • 1.3 British soldier shot and killed in southern Afghanistan
    • 1.4 Deadline to release Muslim prisoners passes, journalists released
    • 1.5 Guantanamo inmate Murat Kurnaz transferred to Germany and released
    • 1.6 Chad orders oil companies out of the country
    • 1.7 Eleven year-old boy arrested on suspicion of assaulting a four year-old boy in East Yorkshire
    • 1.8 Filipe Massa wins 2006 Turkish Grand Prix
  • 2 Closing statements


US President Obama considering supplying arms to Libyan rebels

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

United States President Barack Obama revealed Tuesday that he is considering supplying arms to Libyan rebels, among other things. Obama was quoted as saying, “if we [USA] wanted to get weapons into Libya, we probably could.”

During an interview with NBC News, Obama disclosed he is, “not ruling it out. But I’m also not ruling it in. We’re still making an assessment partly about what Gaddafi’s forces are going to be doing.” Obama also informed that he would be willing to negotiate a deal with Gaddafi; however, one clause would involve Gadaffi resigning from the leadership post.

Obama does not believe it is time for formal negotiations yet as he does not think Gaddafi has reached the point where he needs a quick way out.

Also mentioned in the interview was the strategy being used in Libya. “What we’ve also done is put Gaddafi back on his heels — at this point. In addition to maintaining a no-fly zone, protecting civilian populations, we also have political tools, diplomatic tools, sanctions, freezing his assets, all of which continue to tighten the noose.”

Obama reiterated that same view on ABC News saying in an interview, “I think what we’re seeing is that the circle around Gaddafi understands that the noose is tightening, that their days are probably numbered, and they are going to have to think through what their next steps are.”

Meanwhile, in an interview with CBS News, Obama said of the rebels leaders that U.S. officials have met with are “[F]ully vetted, so we have a clear sense of who they are, and so far they’re saying the right things, and most of them are professionals, lawyers, doctors, people who appear to be credible.”

This comes after the NATO supreme commander, Admiral James G. Stavridis said there were “flickers” of al-Qaeda and Hezbollah in Libya. In response, Obama said on CBS, “[T]hat doesn’t mean that all the people, among all the people who opposed Qaddafi, there might not be elements that are unfriendly to the United States and our interests. That’s why I think it’s important for us not to jump in with both feet.”

As for the rebels themselves, Mahmoud Shammam, a spokesman for the rebels told the New York Times, “We ask for political support more than arms, but if we have both, that would be good.”