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Budgeting Certainty With New Zealand Life Insurance Policies.

Budgeting certainty with New Zealand life insurance policies.


cishemant Mahajan

When setting up a life insurance plan, managing the cost of the insurance is usually a top priority. There are several ways to do this. For example shopping around and comparing life insurance policies providers and plans will help to make sure the life insurer you choose is cost effective. Costs can vary considerably between life insurance companies, so a side by side comparison is important. Also selecting the right kind of insurance for your situation is vital. Life insurance companies offer a wide range of life insurance policies, which cover a variety of risks. Sorting out which of these are the biggest priorities for you and which are not will ensure you choose an appropriate policy. And selecting the right level of insurance cover will help too. In some situations people are underinsured (which can cause massive problems), however often people can be over-insured too which means that they are paying for insurance that is not necessary. For this reason selecting the right amount of life insurance for your situation is an important step in making sure your insurance fits your budget. In this article we will look at one other option for managing the long term cost of your New Zealand life insurance and sticking to your budget choosing a level premium.

Generally, life insurance companies will offer two kinds of life insurance premium. One, known as a stepped premium , will increase every year as you get older (so the premium paid by a 45 year old is higher than the premium paid by a 40 year old and so on). The rate of increase will get higher as you get older, making stepped premiums extremely expensive as you get old, and making future costs hard to manage.


The other kind of life insurance premium you can choose is known as a level premium . This will not increase with age instead the cost is fixed, and will remain fixed for the term of the life insurance cover. Level premiums are fixed for a certain period for example until age 65 or 80 and until this age, you know exactly what the cost will be year after year. This means that budgeting for your life insurance long term becomes very simple there is no unpredictability or surprise increases because your premiums are totally fixed. There is a slight catch the cost of a level life insurance premium will be much higher in the short term, however over the long term the cost of a level premium will typically be significantly lower. This is an attractive feature of a level premium , and for many people the greater budgetary certainty means that the higher short term cost is acceptable.

One thing to check if you are considering a level premium is whether the premium is guaranteed or not. Some level life insurance premiums are totally guaranteed, which means that the insurer is not able to increase them in the future. However some level premiums are not guaranteed, which means that the insurer has the right to increase them. If you choose a level premium the guaranteed option is great to have as it provides the greater certainty.

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