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Submitted by: Adrean Grey

According to the World Health Organizations diabetes country profile 2016, more than 75000 males and more than 51000 females between the age range of 30-69 have died because of diabetes. Help spread awareness about diabetes by sharing with us if you or your closed ones are suffering from diabetes and what steps have been taken to control it using #fight_diabetes. We recently received a message from a young man named Manas who shared his story with us. We will post it soon.

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Let me give you a short overview about the diabetes and its types.

The food that we eat gets broken down in the stomach and forms glucose. The glucose the runs through the blood stream in the body. When the presence of glucose is detected, the pancreas releases a hormone called insulin. The insulin along with the glucose travels to each and every cell in the body. Blood glucose is also released by the liver. The body functions best when the glucose level and insulin level are balanced and at their optimum level. It depends on what we eat, the pancreas and the liver. When this balance is not right, people develop what we know as Diabetes.

Diabetes is found mainly to be of two types:-

1. Type 1 diabetes

2. Type 2 diabetes

In Type 1 diabetes, no insulin is being produced in the body as the cells producing insulin in the pancreas are destroyed. Thus, the level of glucose in the blood rises. The kidneys try to release the glucose out and because of this reason the people suffering from Type 1 diabetes tend to go to the toilet more to pass urine. People also get more thristy as the kidney takes in more water along with the glucose. The presence of bacteria in the blood is more and thus the healing gets slower than the usual healing process. People also face blurred vision and often feel lethargic. Loss of weight also occurs in people suffering from Type 1 diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is commonly diagnosed in children.

In Type 2 diabetes, the insulin getting produced is either not enough or is not able to function properly. Occurrence of Type 2 diabetes is more compared to Type 1 diabetes. One of the most common reasons of Type 2 diabetes is being overweight or obese. Although obesity is in no way the only reason for Type 2 diabetes. People suffering from Type 2 diabetes faces similar symptoms like Type 1 diabetes like slow healing, loss of weight, feeling thirsty, tiredness etc.

Come and join hands with GNRC Medishop, the first online pharmacy in Assam and help us spread awareness of diabetes through #fight_diabetes.

If you are suffering from diabetes, you should always give importance to take c=good care of your health, maintain a balanced diet with less sugar(you can swithch to other alternatives like Stevia). And finally, exercise is necessary, especially walking in order to fight diabetes.

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