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How To Display Tapestries As Beautiful Wall Art

By Richard Pace

If you just got a wall tapestry, you might understand how complicated and irritating it can be to show off a woven tapestry wall hanging properly. Unlike posters or a artwork, imported European tapestries can be very laborious to get to perfection. Propitiously, there are some skillful practiced conventions that you can adopt to make your home Dcor look as adept as it ought.

First, consider what fasteners you would like to utilise to present your wall tapestries. The most popular method is using a wall tapestry rod. Medieval or modern tapestry rods are favoured over curtain rods because the tapestry rods are more sturdy and will not bend. When shopping for a rod, check for one that has unproblematic to set up brackets. Make sure that your brackets will hold the artistic tapestry hanging out from the wall more than 1 to 2 inches. This will sustain the air circulating behind your tapestry for your wall decor, so condensation can’t become gathered and injure the weaving. Search for a wall tapestry rod with an worn looking finish-it will add a bit of prestige and distinction to your wall hangings and decor.

Second, appraise your territory. Where should you drape the wall hanging? How much space should you have surrounding the hanging tapestry? Here are some general rules that will help.


If you have a fairly tall and confined up-and-down wall tapestry similar to our Long and narrow tapestry wall hangings, you might want to showcase it on a wall that is long and narrow, but be sure there is enough area bordering it to defend against your wall from appearing that it is amatuerish. This will definitely stop the tapestry from looking as if it is puny and immaterial.

If you have a enormous wall tapestry, it is best to arrange it on a wall by itself. You won’t want to smother the grandeur or disrupt a visitor’s attention with futher art. Huge tapestry wall hangings can convert your dwelling into a castle, so treat them with concern and adoration.

Maybe you decided on two small sized tapestries, but only have one rod-dont worry, you can make this work. You can place two tall wall tapestries side by side on one tapestry wall hanging rod, just remember to save a minimum of 3 to 6 inches in between them for the mirage of separation. Please note that this will only work with tall narrow wall tapestries like our Art Nouveau Set. Anything larger than than this is bound to appear jammed and artless, so try your hardest to measure everything out correctly.

You could possibly need a appropriate rod if your wall tapestry is really prominent and weighty or if your tapestry wall hanging is unseamed and featherweight. For huge tapestries beyond 80 to 100 inches,, you might want to examine a tapestry rod that is a minimum one half inch broad. This will restrict the rod from distorting in the centre. If you picked up a chenille tapestry wall hanging, you probably need to consider either a thin rod or a wooden rod. If the rod is too vast in relation to your wall tapestry, it will look domineering and unsuitable.

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