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Model Train Information For The Newbie

Submitted by: Tom Coulter

Model train information is absolutely vital for the new enthusiast and the model train veteran alike. Something that should be noted before we begin providing model train information is that model trains are not toy trains. Toy trains are the sets you would find beneath your tree on Christmas morning. Such trains have a few characteristics that set them apart from the major competition and these characteristics are the following:

-Made of cheap plastic

-Lightweight and often requires a push-start


-The track is made of a stiff, light material that often cannot hold togethe

-Complex terrains are impossible

When you compare these to conventional model trains you will find that they pale in comparison. At best, a toy model train is simply a primer for one’s journey into the world of model trains, and you will find that once you make that transition a world of possibilities opens up for you. What type of possibilities you ask? The first thing you will notice is the level of scenery that you can create.

When it comes to model trains, you can create an infinite amount of scenery which can look as realistic as you want. There are a number of different materials you could use for your scenery, starting of course with paper mache. Sculpt your land in any way you see fit and add roads, railroad tracks, street lights, buildings, lakes, rivers, or whatever you believe will work with your setting.

Among other pieces of model train information that you might find, you will probably be quite happy to discover that you can use Digital Command Control to precisely orchestrate the movements of your model train. The extent of your DCC control will of course be determined by you as you progress with the development of your model train, and it could even go so far as to involve a full scale server.

If you do choose to go the DCC route try to remember that some model trains are better for hosting the control board than others. Take a train as small as the N scale for example. It might be more convenient for those with limited space, but it will have difficulty receiving the board. This does not mean it is impossible, but it does mean you will need a bit of experience or you will at least need to speak to an attendant at a hobby shop for tips.

The more model train information you acquire for your hobby, the more successful you are going to be. There are many hints and tips that one should be aware of before they attempt to do some of the more advanced model train activities. When you are starting out, make sure you do not make the mistake of assuming you know everything! Too many people make this error, and too many people fail at their modeling dreams. That being said, it’s time to prepare, and to obtain some decent and useable model train information.

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