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Outdoor Landscape Lighting


Outdoor landscape lighting is a great way to bring out the exterior beauty of your home’s surroundings. Many of us love to decorate our outdoor environments with cozy furniture, colorful gardens, and cherished antiques. These features make our homes more appealing and give every yard a warm, inviting feeling. Outdoor landscape lighting can enhance the color and detail of your creative decorations and allow you to enjoy your exterior universe after the sun goes down. A plethora of outdoor landscape lighting fixtures that will accentuate the colorful decor theme you are aiming to achieve.

Homeowners and commercial owners alike use outdoor landscape lighting for several reasons. The first is to enhance aesthetic appearance of the property to augment curb appeal. The second is to add an extra measure of safety to their landscape. Having the right type of fixture for your home or business can make all the difference in appearance and mood setting. RLLD can help you choose the right product for any particular setting and give you instructions on where to install these fixtures to achieve the best results.


The interaction between light and shadow can be a very tough task to take on, if you are not familiar with outdoor landscape lighting. The way light and shadow play off each other can create a palate of moods depending upon the location of the light fixture. Lights, which are positioned in the wrong area, may produce more glare and take away from your outdoor landscape lighting theme. Objects in the environment can refract or bend light in such a way, so that shadows and glare are more problematic. Ask one of our professional experts about which illumination fixture is perfect for your job and find out valuable information on where the best location may be to set up your new fixture to avoid any problems.

Outdoor landscapes can benefit from a variety of light fixtures. Security devices, such as spotlights and motion detectors can increase the element of safety around your environment. Path lights for gardens and walkways can bring out hidden color and accent surrounding foliage. RLLD has numerous products that fit into both of these categories and many different styles to accommodate your needs. Our products also come in a variety of finishes, so mixing and matching is never a problem.

We also have wall sconces and gas lanterns, which are ideal for the outdoor home environment. These light fixtures can throw a soft touch of illumination over patios, decks, and porches. Incorporate a few dimmer switches into the equation and you can set the tone for your exterior living space. RLLD’s home automation devices are the perfect way to take control of mood lighting situations.

While visitors appreciate delicate lights capes, the homeowner will gain extraordinary appreciation to find outdoor living enhanced luxuriously by countless nuances of outdoor landscape lighting design such as of chiaroscuro”, that dramatic play between light and shadow. Well-placed low-voltage landscape lighting along walkways and near hazards shows thoughtful concern for guests and adds safety to your garden of light. But to achieve this carefree beauty created at the flick of a toggle it takes more than moon spots in trees. Any outdoor illumination project should be fun and exciting!

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