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Understanding The Different Types Of Plastic Surgeons

Various Specialties in the Field of Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a medical field that helps improve a person’s appearance or reconstruct physical defects. Nevertheless, while plastic surgeons can perform a multitude of procedures, there are varying types that specialize in particular areas of the body or particular types of procedures. This article will discuss different types of plastic surgeons, highlighting their areas of focus.

1. General Plastic Surgeons

General plastic surgeons are capable of performing a wide range of procedures on many different parts of the body. These surgeons are well-trained in reducing scarring, healing wounds, and improving the function of body parts. They work on skin grafts, burn treatment, and also on hand surgery, among others.

2. Aesthetic or Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons

Aesthetic or cosmetic plastic surgeons deal primarily with enhancing the physical aspects of the body. They offer services which include face lifts, rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, and liposuction. One sub specialty, which is gaining prominence in this area, is focusing on the neck and lower face region. Surgeons in this specialty are referred to using their specific expertise – for instance, a neck lift Southlake TX specialist is an aesthetic plastic surgeon known for their work in neck lifts in the Southlake region of Texas.

3. Craniofacial Plastic Surgeons

Craniofacial plastic surgeons specialize in correcting or repairing deformities of the skull and face. They primarily work on congenital disabilities, such as cleft lip and palate, and also on abnormalities resulting from injury or disease.

4. Pediatric Plastic Surgeons

Pediatric plastic surgeons focus their practice on treating children from early newborn stages through the teenage years. They have unique expertise in how children’s anatomy changes as they grow, treating burns, injuries, birth defects, and more.

5. Microvascular Plastic Surgeons

Microvascular plastic surgeons specialize in procedures that involve replacing missing tissue through free tissue transfer. They operate on delicate structures like blood vessels and nerves, making it possible to transplant tissues from one part of the body to another, restoring form and function.

6. Hand Surgeons

Though not exclusive to the field of plastic surgery, many plastic surgeons venture into hand surgery, focusing on acute injuries and chronic diseases of the hand and forearm, as well as reconstruction of wounds.

7. Body Contouring Plastic Surgeons

Body contouring plastic surgeons specialize in procedures like tummy tucks, liposuction, arm lifts, and body lifts. They mostly work with patients who’ve gone through massive weight loss, and their job involves removing excess skin and fat to improve the shape and tone of the underlying tissue.

Plastic surgeons are defined by their fields of expertise, which range from aesthetic improvements to functional repairs. When selecting a plastic surgeon, it is crucial to consider their specialization to ensure the best possible outcome for your specific requirements.