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Finding Personal Financing Advice}

Submitted by: James Brown

There are many decisions made throughout life that require sound advice from a financial specialist. Finding personal financing advice can be as close as the local bank where personal business is transacted week by week or the advice could come from a financial planner who makes it their business to guide people to a better financial future through sound investment planning. There are costs associated with all types of personal financing and financial advice will help people realize which financing options are best and which should be considered at a later date.

Some young Americans want to work and retire at an early age. This ambition can be realized through sound personal financing advice that is heeded at various stages in life. An investment planner could help the young person create an investment portfolio that will earn income as the years go by and provide a solid income source when the chosen retirement age arrives. Finding personal financing advice that is centered on this goal will be easy, but following the advice will take a certain amount of self-discipline.

After finding personal financing advice, many people get busy consolidating personal debts and stop incurring more debt. Daily expense habits will suddenly begin to change and people that have a financial plan to guide them, will begin to save money by taking a lunch to work and alleviate the expense of dining out three or four days a week. Based on personal financing advice, the money saved each week will be applied to existing debts and eventually the financial calculators will show that the debt balances are disappearing.

While finding personal financing advice through financial accounts specialists at banking institutions, a homeowner might get sound advice on personal financing options that they did not know were available. The financial officers could show homeowners loan options that could reduce the monthly payments on a home mortgage loan. Interest rate reductions provided by the Federal Government will provide an out for many homeowners who are currently using adjustable rate loans to finance their homes and are at risk for losing them to the foreclosure process.

Using personal financing advice to refinance using a 30-year or 15-year fixed rate mortgage plan will ultimately lower balances considerably over the course of a new loan plan and give the homeowner a lower monthly payment that is more manageable. The monies saved through refinancing a home mortgage loan can be placed in a long-term savings account. The money could also be used as investment capital to build a solid financial portfolio for retiring purposes. Due to finding financial planning advice, a homeowner could simply pay one debt in full.

Financial planners can offer homeowners other personal financing advice if there are children at home that will go to college one day. A parent could set up a college tuition fund and not pay taxes on those monies for many years. Finding sound personal advice of this nature will allow people to realize that they can retire earlier than planned and have all financial commitments taken care of before they do. The personal financing advice might make a homeowner realize that a spouse will have to work a certain number of years to prepare for retirement.

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